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For paged access to data, Marten provides ToPagedList and ToPagedListAsync extension methods on IQueryable<T>.

var pageNumber = 2;
var pageSize = 10;

var pagedList = theSession.Query<Target>().ToPagedList(pageNumber, pageSize);

// paged list also provides a list of helper properties to deal with pagination aspects
var totalItems = pagedList.TotalItemCount; // get total number records
var pageCount = pagedList.PageCount; // get number of pages
var isFirstPage = pagedList.IsFirstPage; // check if current page is first page
var isLastPages = pagedList.IsLastPage; // check if current page is last page
var hasNextPage = pagedList.HasNextPage; // check if there is next page
var hasPrevPage = pagedList.HasPreviousPage; // check if there is previous page
var firstItemOnPage = pagedList.FirstItemOnPage; // one-based index of first item in current page
var lastItemOnPage = pagedList.LastItemOnPage; // one-based index of last item in current page

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var pageNumber = 2;
var pageSize = 10;

var pagedList = await theSession.Query<Target>().ToPagedListAsync(pageNumber, pageSize);

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If you want to create you own paged queries, just use the Take() and Skip() Linq operators in combination with Stats()

public void can_get_the_total_in_results()
    var count = theSession.Query<Target>().Count(x => x.Number > 10);
    SpecificationExtensions.ShouldBeGreaterThan(count, 0);

    // We're going to use stats as an output
    // parameter to the call below, so we
    // have to declare the "stats" object
    // first
    QueryStatistics stats = null;

    var list = theSession
        .Stats(out stats)
        .Where(x => x.Number > 10).Take(5)


    // Now, the total results data should
    // be available

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For the sake of completeness, the SQL generated in the operation above by Marten would be:

select,, count(1) OVER() as total_rows from public.mt_doc_target as d
where CAST( ->> 'Number' as integer) > :arg0 LIMIT 5

The Stats() Linq operator can be used in conjunction with Include() and within batch queries. Marten does not yet support using Stats() within the compiled query.

Released under the MIT License.